Tax advice to expatriates in Spain

At albea we are experts in international taxation and we understand the importance of correct tax planning, which ensures correct compliance with tax obligations, and at the same time takes advantage of the different tools that the legislation offers to optimize fiscally the displacement of workers, in order to to lower their cost.

Our team, made up of tax specialists, offers tax advice for expatriates, with in-depth knowledge of the tax regulations associated with the international movement of personnel.

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The continuous displacement of workers to and from abroad, as well as the growing investments made in Spain by non-residents, make it advisable to have the support of a tax advisor specialized in the matter.

If your company is in the internationalization phase and you want to implement expatriation policies, we will be your best travel companion. We will advise you on the different tax benefits that favor the internationalization of Spanish companies. Some benefits that, correctly applied, can have a very positive impact on the taxation of the posted employee.

When a n individual who has not resided in Spain in the last ten years moves his residence to our country to work, he can take advantage of the “special tax regime”. In this way, in the year of your displacement and the following five, you can pay taxes according to the rules of the Income Tax for Non-Residents instead of doing so according to those of the Personal Income Tax.

For professionals with high salaries, this scheme can lead to significant tax savings. Thus, instead of applying the rates of the general personal income tax rate (up to 45%), they will be taxed at 24% for the first 600,000 euros of income obtained and at 45% for the rest.

Our tax consultants will perform the following services:

  • Advice to expatriates. We carry out the analysis of internal regulations, double taxation agreements and destination regulations, in order to provide all the tax information that may affect expatriation.
  • We plan all tax issues related to the beginning and end of the expatriation, providing advice and support throughout the process.
  • Tax incentives for the international mobility of workers.
  • Exemption from taxation of income obtained from work carried out abroad (article 7p).
  • Exempt diet regime as a result of the destination of workers abroad.
  • Fiscal residence: determination and effects. Obtaining tax residence certificates.
  • Return of improperly made withholdings.
  • Special regime for those displaced to Spanish territory, “Beckham Law”, model 151) for the impatriate worker.