Have you just arrived in Spain and you don’t know your obligations?

Have you decided to move abroad or have you accepted a job offer outside of Spain?

Do you live in Spain or have you just moved and have goods or investments outside of Spain?

Do you need a professional tax advisor in Spain to take care of your tax returns and other obligations?

At albea we offer our clients specialized Spanish tax advice according to their personal circumstances, looking for the tax advantages and always ensuring compliance with their obligations.

albea services to individuals:

Reclamación exención 7p - Airbus A380

Claim of 7p exemption

FREE CONSULTATION Are you traveling for business but you are not sure if can benefit…
Informative Returns - Money

Informative Returns

FREE CONSULTATION In addition to your tax returns, if you have assets located outside of…
Tax Returns - Stock photography

Tax Returns

FREE CONSULTATION Your place of residence, the location and value of your assets, as well…
Official Communications - External Letterbox

Official Communications

FREE CONSULTATION It is important that you communicate any information that may be relevant (to…
Special Tax Regime - Flight

Special Tax Regime

Special tax regime for employees moving to Spain FREE CONSULTATION Individuals coming to work in…

Why albea?

Focus on the main activity

Hiring a specialized advisor allows you to focus on the business and not waist your human and financial resources in non-strategic areas.

Download our Summary of Taxation of Individuals for 2023 Fiscal Year.

With information about

  • Taxation of tax resident in Spain (IRPF)
  • Special Tax Regime (Beckham Law)
  • Taxation of non tax resident in Spain (IRNR)
  • Reporting obligation of assets located overseas (Form 720) a
  • Net Wealth Tax
  • New Tax for “high-net-worth individuals”

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1. Taxation of tax resident in Spain (IRPF)
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4. Reporting obligation of assets located overseas (Form 720)
5. Net Wealth Tax
6. New Tax for “high-net-worth individuals”