Have you just arrived in Spain and you don’t know your obligations?

Have you decided to move abroad or have you accepted a job offer outside of Spain?

Do you live in Spain or have you just moved and have goods or investments outside of Spain?

Do you need a professional tax advisor in Spain to take care of your tax returns and other obligations?

At albea we offer our clients specialized Spanish tax advice according to their personal circumstances, looking for the tax advantages and always ensuring compliance with their obligations.

albea services to individuals:

Why albea?

Save time and efforts

Having a personal tax advisor saves your time and efforts, and you will be able to dedicate it to your main activity or personal matters.

ALBEA has advise me on the implications due to my arrival to Spain and the have assist me on getting a refund from the Spanish tax authorities due to incorrect withholdings of my Spanish employer. Great work! Great team!

Vukasin Petrovic

Chief of Party for The Information Access Fund (IAF)

Taxation of Foreign Pension Plans in Spain

The first step in determining the implications of a foreign pension plan in Spain is to verify that the plan meets the requirements set forth in the Spanish regulation.