7p Exemption

Planning and managing the international mobility of employees is a key element at the time of afront an international expansion by the Companies.

Companies, for various reasons, need to continue or even star an international projection. More and more people are travelling overseas for business and companies must bear in mind that, although the economic factor is essential, the human factor will undoubtedly influence on the success of an international project.

Our internal legislation provides with some exemptions/benefits/advantages, that can be helpful to meet the objective of saving costs, while meeting the expectation of international employees, who usually demand a reward for their efforts.

The tax exemption for work performed overseas, can be an example on the above, to the extent that its application will mean an incentive for the employees (as far as their net salary will increase) without increasing the salary cost for the company.

Although the application of this exemption at payroll level is more and more extended, there are still many concerns around it and, the more number of employees benefiting from the exemption the most complex for the companies to manage its application.

Considering the above, it is important to ask for the advise of experts who may assist us to manage and to analyse on a case by case the different scenarios.

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