Official Communications

It is important that you communicate any information that may be relevant (to the corresponding agency) to determine your tax obligations in Spain. Failure to do so can lead to misunderstandings that could lead to incorrect tax payments.

Make sure to present any new situation to the Spanish Tax Administration or other agencies in due time. If you have questions, get in touch with albea and we will help you manage these communications.

Download our Summary of Taxation of Individuals for 2023 Fiscal Year.

With information about

  • Taxation of tax resident in Spain (IRPF)
  • Special Tax Regime (Beckham Law)
  • Taxation of non tax resident in Spain (IRNR)
  • Reporting obligation of assets located overseas (Form 720) and obligations about cryptocurrencies (Form 721)
  • Net Wealth Tax
  • New Tax for “high-net-worth individuals”

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