Tax Returns

Your place of residence, the location and value of your assets, as well as other issues, will determine which returns you have to file with the Spanish Tax Agency.

The fact that you do not live in Spain anymore or that you are paying your taxes in another country, does not necessarily mean that in Spain you are not required to file a return.

It is important to have the correct advice to determine which returns you have to file each year. At albea, we are specialists in the taxation of individuals, and we will analyse your case to guarantee fulfilment with your obligations.

Download our Summary of Taxation of Individuals for 2022 Fiscal Year.

With information about

  • Personal Income Tax
  • Special tax regime for displaced workers to Spanish territory (Beckham Law)
  • Income Tax for Non-Residents
  • Wealth tax
  • Form 720
  • ETE Form from the Bank of Spain and Ds Forms from the Ministry of Economy

Some frequently asked questions on Tax Returns in Spain:

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