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albea is a Spanish tax advisory firm specialized on the taxation of individuals. We have a joint experience of more than 40 years in Big Four companies and specialized law firms. Our professional career has been focused on the advice of global mobility for multinational companies and its employees.

We provide services focusing on the following Tax Services:

  • Individuals in International Mobility who may have international implications, due to different tax residence scenarios, or due to the application of special tax regimes different to the general Spanish personal income tax.
  • Individuals who may require a personalized and a high-quality tax service.​​
  • Individuals who may have assets and/or investments outside of Spain but also to those who have high investments or a variety of assets in Spain.
  • Companies and individuals who may require advice related to the different matters that could affect the International Mobility (i.e. international social security, compensation, taxes, etc.).
  • Companies in relation to the different matters that can affect the taxation of its employees.

Our main commitment is to ensure the quality of the service, offering a more personalized treatment than larger organizations and guaranteeing the fulfillment of our clients obligations.

We are aware of the important benefits of international mobility, but our experience is that many of the companies and employees who start an international project do not have the proper and correct advice.

Tax Services for Companies

Tax Services for Individuals

Download our Summary of Taxation of Individuals for 2023 Fiscal Year.

With information about

  • Taxation of tax resident in Spain (IRPF)
  • Special Tax Regime (Beckham Law)
  • Taxation of non tax resident in Spain (IRNR)
  • Reporting obligation of assets located overseas (Form 720) a
  • Net Wealth Tax
  • New Tax for “high-net-worth individuals”

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1. Taxation of tax resident in Spain (IRPF)
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